A Non-Traditional Approach


In more ways than one, my journey to becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist is perhaps not the one you might usually expect. I haven't come to it from a nursing, social services or mental health background which, many would say, is a good thing. I don't have any pre-conceived notions of what institutions, people or schools of psychotherapy ought to be doing. 

I have spent most of my working life in the legal system, helping people through some of the more challenging and difficult times in their lives. I have sat with them while they cry or get angry, or both, and helped them pick up the pieces so they could move on.

Separately, I have also worked with expectant women and their partners to prepare for the birth of a child, with confidence and calmness. I used guided imagery to set aside fears, relax them and empower them with the knowledge that their body was designed for the purpose. The new parents would then join me to get to know and bond with their newborn and to learn massage and calming techniques. I was privileged to work with these people at such an important time in their lives and enjoyed the education and self-improvement aspects of this work.

Why Use The Human Givens Approach?


As my interest in psychotherapy grew, I looked at various kinds of training. I struggled to find a structured, well-thought out course or an organisation that had thought beyond the initial training period. That was when the Human Givens Approach was recommended to me.

Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell have taken the most effective elements of existing psychological techniques and therapies and improved and developed these over decades of personal work in psychotherapy. The Human Givens Approach is widely recognised as one of the most important and cutting edge therapeutic models in modern psychotherapy. I have found that even the most difficult and long-lasting issues can be resolved quickly and, many times, in just a single session.

The Human Givens Institute is continually bringing new insights and training to professionals working with children and adults in all areas of their lives.

The Human Givens Institute and its Register of Therapists is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.


What I Will Do For You

I will help you with the issue as quickly as possible, but ensure that it is resolved  to your satisfaction.

I will always focus on what it is you are trying to achieve and what you want.

I will not advise on medical matters or medication you are taking, because I am not qualified to do so.

I will work within the Human Givens Code of Ethics and requirements of the Data Protection Act.

I will retain information you give me in a confidential and secure manner. With your written permission and prior agreement I will discuss any helpful outcomes of therapy with my professional supervisor or the Institute, where required or approriate.

I have professional indemnity insurance and an enhanced DBS certificate.

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